O2O is NO HARM to health of accidental consumption



For further information, please contact the retailer directly.


1) A simple answer would be accidentally consuming O2O oxygen absorber should not have an adverse effect on the human (Adults & children) and pet health. O2O Oxygen Absorber is not for consumption but it is harmless and non-toxic. However, if they are still concerning about the issue, we recommend them to consult the doctor / VET for a checkup just to be on the safe side.


2) For the academic part, our products are fully tested by SGS from film materials (outside) to ingredients (inside). They are all safe and no harm to help. Please find out the attachments for reference. We have done an oral toxicity test, the result shows the product it's harmless if consumed. We've fed 10 female and 10 male mouses O2O oxygen absorber every day for 14 days. TEST RESULT(S): All animals no abnormal clinical symptoms and no premature deaths occurred during 14 days. O2O oxygen absorber is harmless, non-toxic and safe if someone consumes it accidentally.

3) Suggestion: drink lots of water